SITEB is a non-profit organization whose members are:

  • the main road and asphalt contractors;
  • bitumen and asphalt producers and dealers;
  • producers of road construction equipment;
  • polymer and asphalt additives producers;
  • producers of water proofing membranes;
  • laboratories and companies working as consultants in the asphalt and road field.

Aggregate members are public administrative bodies and institutions involved in road construction and maintenance.

The aim of SITEB is to promote the development and improvement of research and techniques for the production and application of asphalt and related materials, paying a special attention to quality, environment and safety.

SITEB participates in standardization committees and cooperates with Italian and European regulating bodies.

The Association represents the Italian asphalt industry and assists its 200 members in all aspects of their work, from technical issues to regulations and compliance issues.

SITEB provides and exchanges data and information within the industry, promotes research activities, develops joint projects with public administrative bodies, organizes training courses, seminars and conferences to foster knowledge and innovation. It also promotes collaboration with other national and international associations.

Further functions include: participation in standardization committees and training of people involved in roadwork.
SITEB assists its members in all aspects of their work; this is achieved by exchanging information and experience at all levels, promoting research activities, developing joint projects and organising meetings and seminars jointly with public administrative bodies. It also promotes collaboration with other national and international associations and organise to upgrading courses, seminars, conferences and workshops.